Selected Quotations
for the Ideological

An extensive collection of over two thousand selected quotations on ideological belief systems, political psychology, mysticism, fanaticism, totalitarianism, movements, intolerance, deception, subversion and related subjects.  


Included are Amiel, Arieti, Aron, Bell, Black, Boorstin, Camus, Cassirer, Chesterton, Conrad, Darrow, Dewey, Doob, Durant, Eastman, Ellul, Fromm, Gurr, Haynal, Hoffer, Huxley, Ingersoll, Jefferson, Jung, Klapp, Koestler, Kurtz, Lane, Lasswell, Lenin, Linder, Machiavelli, Merloo, Mill, Montigne, Nietzsche, Orwell, Pareto, Qualter, Revel, Rokeach, Russell, Sagan, Santayana, Schoeck, Schumpeter, Shestov, Spender, Solzhenitsyn, Sullivan, Teale, Tocqueville, Toynbee, Waltzlawick, Wells, and many others.

    Laird Wilcox, Editor - ISBN 0-933592-93-0  -  $19.95


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