A Close Look At
Anti-Racist "Watchdog" Groups

    The "anti-racist" "watchdog" group movement in the United States consists of a number of organizations who "monitor" and combat the activities of their ideological opponents.
The "watchdog" elite includes the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, both noted for

enormous resources, massive legal staffs, and access to media and law enforcement to promote their agenda.
    The watchdog "second-string," which includes the Center For Democratic Renewal, Political Research Associates and Anti-Racist Action, are noted for their radical political agenda and extensive "links and ties" to extremist groups on the far Left.
    These five organizations are closely studied in this detailed investigative report by Laird Wilcox, which reveals a little-known side of these groups that they would prefer kept from the public. Included are documented instances of illegal spying, theft of police files, fund-raising irregularities, questionable "hate crime" statistics, irresponsible and fraudulent claims, perjury, harassment and stalking, violence, and deep and longstanding involvements with Marxist-Leninist extremists. A must for journalists and researchers. Extensively footnoted. 1997.

Laird Wilcox, Author - ISBN 0-933592-89-2 - $24.95 Postpaid!


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